The social media Opportunity

With previously successful experiences using other lead generation strategies and marketing solutions, Amptek decided to build a proprietary lead accelerator nurturing system to generate consistent high quality financial advisor leads on a weekly basis.
Target high net-worth leads

Target 401k rollover, white collar executives or years of experience giving you the power to find more interested leads.

Create referrals & networking

Take a digital approach to lead generation for financial advisors and let our software do the leg work for you.

Our approach is compliant

We work with you to get approval from compliance so you can drive lead generation, and revenue through our system.

Grow your business with our Agency

Amptek Growth spoke to thousands of Financial and Insurance Advisors and found many were not hitting their annual sales goals or generating enough Advisor leads. The feedback we got was always the same.

The old ways of qualified lead generation for Financial Advisors are no longer working, therefore we created a new system for Advisors to use.

Our lead generation solutions for financial advisors

With 250 million visitors each month, it’s no surprise that the top Financial Advisors actively use LinkedIn. Here’s how they use the platform:

Ideal prospects

Build specific lists of ideal prospects in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Prospects at scale

Send connection requests and follow-ups to prospects at scale

Get Qualified Leads

reply to qualified leads, set phone calls and appointments

Our Process and Approach
We have generated leads for a variety of verticals resulting in massive revenue increase with our lead nurturing process.
Client-Centric Profile

We'll make sure your social profile is set up for maximum exposure by adding industry-related keywords into your profile, creating your profile banner, and crafting a perfect tagline for you.

Start by narrowing down your target niche.

The goal is to appeal to the prospect's pain points.

Outline in your profile what you do for a client and how you help them achieve their goals

Proudly recognized by the Better Business Bureau

Amptek, Customer Relationship Management, Franklin, TN
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High Quality Targeting

We help you find prospects via social media tools to create laser-targeted prospecting lists for your business.

We create pre-defined prospecting prospect lists for you.

We divide your targets into subsets of target prospects to test and A/B test each target audience.

We help you build a target that will convert into customers

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Engagement and
Appointment Setting

We provide your entire brand's message, as clear as day with our award winning copy that we've used for other clients.

We optimize the tactics of of your messages so that results are maximized.

We create rapport with your target prospect to nurture them into a paying client.

We pave the path to the best way to track leads and book appointments on your calendar with your prospects.

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What Our Customers Say
But don't just take our word,  see real client reviews and testimonials on how we are getting results in all different types of industries.
dan Smith
PR & Communications Founder

"Amptek is very creative and talented experts in branding and lead generation. They have a deep understanding of how to use social media to enhance your profile, build your network and create relationships that lead to new business partnerships. In a short time, they have been invaluable in using the social media tools to grow my network and gain new contacts and clients. If you are looking to jump-start your business using social media, you would be wise to call Amptek. You will love the results!"

Owner of CPA Firm

"Amptek is super knowledgeable in the area of using social media as an important business development tool. Not only is Amptek able to provide excellent guidance, but they are friendly, prompt, and accessible, and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend that you reach out to Amptek for personalized attention to your social media development."

Liberty Mutual Agent

"Amptek has helped grow my business quickly through social media in just 3 short months. Their knowledge and willingness to customize my needs has been what set them apart from others. I have recommended them to my current Referral Partners and have developed countless NEW Referral Partners through using their service."

Make your social media a
revenue driving machine

Empowering you and your network.