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dan Smith
PR & Communications Founder

"Amptek is a very creative and talented experts in branding and lead generation. They have a deep understanding of how to use social media to enhance your profile, build your network and create relationships that lead to new business partnerships. In a short time, they have been invaluable in using the social media tools to grow my network and gain new contacts and clients. If you are looking to jump-start your business using LinkedIn, you would be wise to call Amptek. You will love the results!"

Owner of CPA Firm

"Amptek is super knowledgeable in the area of using LinkedIn as an important business development tool. Not only is Amptek able to provide excellent guidance, but they are friendly, prompt, and accessible, and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend that you reach out to Amptek for personalized attention to your LinkedIn development."

Liberty Mutual Agent

"Amptek has helped grow my business quickly through LinkedIn in just 3 short months. Their knowledge and willingness to customize my needs has been what set them apart from others. I have recommended them to my current Referral Partners and have developed countless NEW Referral Partners through using their service."

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with this company. I was doing a lot of what they offer myself before, but to truly do it correctly and to see the right results... it just takes so much time. Using them has freed up my time and allowed me to maximize my results.”

“They do an excellent job at managing your social media engagement, and driving new connections to you! They work closely with you to monitor the progress and make necessary adjustments. Overall, it is seamless and much easier than doing it yourself!”

“The program helped me tremendously to improve my network and visibility. I learned so much through this program and expanded my network. The portal is so helpful and easy to navigate.”

“A has delivered more than I could have ever imagined. My business has grown ten-fold because of their assistance. I highly recommend it to any professionals that are looking to connect with a specific set of like minded professionals.”

“Amptek is a great method for jump starting your company's social selling. We were able to quickly increase our meetings set and inbound interest by leveraging the platform.”

“Amptek Growth knows what they are doing! I have seen so many tangible results in my business over the last 12 months that would have been impossible without the strategies that Amptek helped me deploy. It's business development made easy and relational. No matter what industry you find yourself in Amptek can help you reach more people and drive results.”

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