Exclusively for: PROFESSIONALS that need sales appointments to win more clients

Amptek Growth Pro Partnership Lead Accelerator
Exclusively for Liberty Mutual

Managers who need to recruit new Liberty Mutual talent

Agents who need to build new referral partners for consistent leads.


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amptek pro

Only $450

(Without Cold Calling, Networking, Relying on Referrals or any of that stuff...)

1.2k Prospects per month

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Dedicated Account Manager

Outreach Setup & Execution

Outreach Messages Drafted

Amptek Advanced Cloud Based Portal/CRM System

Our Process and Approach

We have generated leads for a variety of verticals resulting in massive revenue increase with our lead nurturing process.

LinkedIn Profile

We'll make sure your LinkedIn profile is set up for maximum exposure by adding industry-related keywords into your profile, creating your profile banner, and crafting a perfect tagline for you.

Start by narrowing down your target niche.

The goal is to appeal to the prospect's pain points.

Outline in your profile what you do for a client and how you help them achieve their goals

High Quality
Prospect Targeting

We dive directly into your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account and create laser-targeted prospecting lists for your business.

We create pre-defined prospecting prospect lists for you.

We divide your targets in to subsets of target prospects to test and A/B test each target audience.

We help you build a target that will convert into customers

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Engagement and
Appointment Setting

We provide your entire brand's message, as clear as day with our award winning copy that we've used for other clients.

We optimize future campaigns so you'll never be sending messages that are being ignored.

We create rapport with your target prospect to nurture them into a paying client.

We help you track leads and book appointments on your calendar with your prospects.

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Frequently asked questions

What Results Can Expect?

Every niche is different, but it's not uncommon to generate upwards of 300-600 new marketing qualified leads, and 15-30 qualified meetings per the pool of prospects engaged month over month. Our proven process, mastery of lead hunting, and expert copywriting helps you cut through the noise and remove the time-consuming process of cold outreach.

What is the Liberty Mutual Existing Partnership?

Pro Partnership
○        Normally $1250/license
○        Liberty Partnership Pricing of only $450/license

What’s included:
Onboarding & Strategy Success Call
■ LinkedIn Profile Optimization
■ 1,500-1,800 Targeted Prospects/mo Built
■ Outreach Messages Drafted

Amptek Advanced Cloud Based Portal/CRM System
■       Avg 50+ Hours Saved/mo

■       Dedicated Amptek Account Manager
■       Recurring campaign Optimization Calls

What languages does Amptek  support?

Amptek  has no limitation on the language of your LinkedIn account or the language that you use to connect with prospects.

How is Amptek different than other services?

Amptek is a team of tech savy and experienced marketing pros. Your success is our goal and we are dedicated to your campaign week after week. Our cloud cloud-based software saves even more time and allows you to fully interact with your LinkedIn outreach campaigns, without being dependent on your device or internet connection. Meet the Team Here

Can I run Amptek on multiple LinkedIn profiles?

During your on boarding call with a Amptek, specialist you'll be asked to link your LinkedIn  account with Amptek. If you wish to add more Amptek users, you can simply notify your account manager and they will start the process for another account, and this will be billed separately. If you have more than one account, you will have access to a multi-user dashboard.

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