How we helped YouTube increase app installs by 24% in less than 30 days

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Project Overview

The Shield is making the world a greener place, one indoor plant at a time. This thriving plant delivery startup sends photosynthesizing friends to your door at consumer-friendly price


The Sill came to Gambit digital hoping to plant the seeds for aggressive revenue growth with search and social ads.


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With strict CPA targets, scaling efficiently can be a challenge. However, Hawke’s search experts achieved incredible results by boosting non-branded campaigns using a maximized-clicks-bidding strategy, placing very low bids to decrease the required conversion rate needed to meet CPA goals, while organizing Google Shopping campaigns into tiers to maximize conversion efficiency by altering bids separately.

With our help, The Sill’s ROAS blossomed from a wilting -23% to 403% (year-over-year for the same period), while decreasing CPAs by 38% despite scaling spend more than 10x. While the client’s overall sales grew 8.3x, AdWords revenue grew from 4.4% of total revenue to 31.3%. As for engagement, CTR improved from 0.94% to 2.51%, and impressions grew 6.6x.