Top 10 Tips for Working Remotely

It can be a great comfort working from home, but with many possible distractions, it can be easy to procrastinate or run out of time in a day.

Below is our top 10 insider tips to be successful at working remotely:

Ten Tips

1. If meetings are a necessity, find a reliable app to hold quality virtual meetings that won’t disconnect in the middle of an important call.
(At Amptek, we use Zoom and Google Meet.)

2. Create fun virtual events for your clients / employees. For example: themed coffee chats or luncheons.

3. Block your time for specific tasks.

4. If you have young children where you are working, keep them busy by giving with projects or crafts.

5. Create an office space that is comfortable and quiet specifically dedicated to work. It has been proven that people are more productive if they have a clean and organized work space separate from their living spaces. If you can't dedicate a whole room, try a divider!

6. When possible, work in the fresh air! It will help keep you focused on vitalized.

7. Take a break for yourself like a walk around the block, chair yoga or stretching.

8. Try a stand-up desk or even an exercise ball to sit on at your desk. This is especially effective at giving your best impression at virtual meetings or on calls.

9. Detox from the digital world. Make sure there are blocks of time each day where you are not on your phone or computer.

10. Keep to a schedule. Humans crave ritual and work best when expectations have been set.

Bottom line is that you want to be sure that even though you are working remotely, it doesn't mean working around the clock.
It's still important to keep work-life balance and dedicate adequate time for the all the different aspects of life.

What are some tips to offer from your experience working from home? Drop us a comment and let us know!