5 Tips To Use LinkedIn Groups For Your Business

There's lots of buzz around LinkedIn Groups these days and you might be asking, are they for me?

LinkedIn users participate in groups to connect with and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Groups are generally used to do this by:

  • Networking with Other Industry Professionals to Share Experiences and Offer/Request Advice
  • Sharing Expertise in a Number of Areas in Front of Potential Customers
  • Expanding Relationships with Professionals Who Serve Similar Clientele

Here are 5 Pro Tips to help maximize business growth by using LinkedIn Groups:

1) Choose Wisely

When searching for the industries you want to target, look for first level connections that may be members.
Before deciding, you may want to ask your connections' opinion of the group.

Keep location or other things you have in common with members in mind.
For example, joining your alma mater's alumni group.

2) Be Active

Participate in group discussions to offer your expertise.

Share the relevant content you post to the groups you're a member of to get a conversation started.

Add value, don't just "self-promote."

Ask questions as well as answer them.

3) Focus

Focus on hanging out where your people hang out.

For example, if you own a small brick-and-mortar business, go with a smaller local networking type of group as opposed to a world-wide small business owners' group.

Consider what it is you want to achieve before deciding which group to go with.

4) Connect

After building some rapport within the group, reach out and connect with the people you interact with.

Don't forget other platforms, too! Give your new contacts some support and follow their business pages on Facebook or connect on Twitter, etc.

5) Don't Spam

The cool thing about LI groups is that you can direct message other members.

Reaching out and providing some value or offering to connect for networking is a great way to take advantage of this.
Don't directly promote your business or solicit though!

Concluding Thoughts About Groups

Using groups is an efficient way to stack your network with the ideal contacts that can help you grow your business.

Participating, providing value and staying active is key to attracting the right people to develop relationships with.

Looking for groups with a good, active membership is indicative of a good group to check out.

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