LinkedIn Profile Changes in 2022

Yep, it's happening again! The top Social Media Platform for professionals is making updates to a number of items to kick off 2022. Among these changes are profile editing layout, a re-brand of the popular Sales Navigator subscription and a roll back on weekly connection request limits. Here's an overview of all the new profile items to optimize your LinkedIn profile below:

Editing Your Profile

Profile items are now organized in sections called "Core", "Recommended" and "Additional".

All of the basic information is considered the "core" of a profile now. This includes items like skills, education and position.

"Recommended" items are pieces of the profile that give an opportunity to show case credentials and media.

In this section, the ever popular "Featured" media like landing pages, brochures and past posts can be added. "Courses" is where additional education items can be added to be associated with a particular position. And what profile is complete without "recommendations"? Ask a colleague to say something nice about you and add it right to your profile to make the right impression.

In the "Additional" category, find items like volunteer experience and organizations where the "outside of work" achievements and experiences can be added to show off your well-roundedness.


In the "Resources" section, explore the various tools that can help boost activity on your profile. Last year, LinkedIn added a "Creator Mode" option where people can follow your profile without connecting and you can feature topics that you share posts about right on the top of your profile. Your number of followers is also displayed next to your name on your posts and you get access to the LinkedIn "Creator Hub."


LinkedIn also has also re-organized the analytics for profiles and it is now a little section right on your profile where you can check out people that have viewed your profile, posts and searches that have included your profile as a result. This can be especially helpful in determining the best profiles to connect with.

What to keep in mind...

LinkedIn "rewards" more complete and active profiles. If you engage, LinkedIn will help drive engagement back to you in way of showing your posts or comments to more people. This also can affect the amount of connection requests you can send as the restrictions have gotten more lax for profiles the platform deems to be in good standing.

LinkedIn is a wealth of opportunity.

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