LinkedIn Connection Request Limits Are Here To Stay

Around second quarter of this year, it became abundantly clear that LinkedIn has made some serious changes to connection request limits. According to our research with our client base, the weekly limits can hover around 100. In the good ol' days, you could send out 100 per day on a premium account. With LinkedIn still running strong as the world's most up-to-date prospecting platform, it remains to be a relevant tool in any marketing strategy.

So what does the future hold for LinkedIn connection request limits?

It can not be expected that LinkedIn will announce any further changes at this time. However, changes could come just as quickly as the limits were implemented. Like the world of social media, it can be expected that things do not stay the same permanently. Right now, it is clear that LinkedIn has shifted their focus to user experience and quality instead of quantity.

How can I still grow my business using LinkedIn?

There are many reasons that this shift is actually a good thing! Here are a few points that can help shift how to use LinkedIn to grow your business:


Using a tool to automate growing your network is still key to saving your most precious resource - time.

Optimize Your Quality

LinkedIn is about quality over quantity and you should be too! Making sure you're connecting with people you actually want to talk to is the best way to use every last one of those connection requests to your advantage.

Use A Personalized Connection

Even with automation, make your messages personalized and personal. Ask questions and be interested in what challenges your connection may be facing. This way it's easy to position yourself as a solution.

Multiple Strategies

There are lots of ways to start up conversations on LinkedIn. Engage with content, get involved with groups and tailor your messaging to group members about relevant pieces of information, create posts and make them interesting!

Keep In Touch

Marketing is a plan, not a one hit and go. Be sure to keep the connections you already have! Stay in touch and engage with them. Make sure to pass along relevant information to your connections that they would be interested in.

Biggest Takeaways About The Weekly Limits

Shifting how you use LinkedIn will help your marketing strategy adapt to these changes. Expect these limits to continue indefinitely. Focusing on quality over quantity in your pipeline can help your business grow and save you lots of time!

Don't know where to begin when it comes to optimizing the LinkedIn platform?

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