LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs. Free Account

Here's a basic overview of LinkedIn's Sales Navigator platform. If you are considering making this investment, it's important to weigh the benefits and determine which LinkedIn account type is right for you.

LinkedIn Paid Tiers

Recruiter Lite

MAIN PURPOSE: recruiting

PRICE: $119.99/month (billed annually)

BENEFITS: A few more additional advanced filters, candidate recommendations, free job postings

Sales Navigator

MAIN PURPOSE: prospecting

PRICE: $79.99/month (billed annually)

BENEFITS: more filters for targeting (see below for advanced filters), exclusion feature (there maybe certain companies, industries that you DON'T want to target), ability for group reach out, inMail for reach out to "open" profiles

Premium Account - "Business Package"

MAIN PURPOSE: designed for job searching

PRICE: $29.99/month (billed annually)

BENEFITS: Unlimited people browsing, InMail credits (15/month), Salary/Company insights, etc.

Premium Account - "Career Package"

MAIN PURPOSE: designed for job searching - a lighter version of "Business"

PRICE: $47.99/month (billed annually)

Free / Basic Account

MAIN PURPOSE: designed for professionals that want to have a presence on LinkedIn but not using it to necessarily expand their network


The Benefits of Sales Navigator vs. Free LinkedIn Subscription

On-Platform Prospecting (ability to save notes about prospects). Instead of going out and using a separate tool for generating, prospecting, being able to go through sales navigator helps stay organized and on task. With the free platform, we are only able to create searches and taking notes would have to be done separately.
Lead Recommendations (based on your vertical and audience; they automatically pop up at the top of your saved accounts). The more optimized your searches, the better quality the results. The free version does not offer any recommendation based leads.

Advanced Search Filters

Sort prospects/leads by geography, job title, company size, experience, etc. (THE LIST GOES ON). This is a crucial part of optimizing your targeted audience. With the advanced search filters, you can narrow down exactly who you need to be in contact with. This ensures that your efforts will return higher on your investment. On a "free account" there are limited filters and limited outreach which may not hit the specific audience that is desired.

Concluding Thoughts About Sales Navigator

Save searches, lead lists and account keep your prospect lists organized. You can save up to 15 searches to come back to later. Note: the free version does not let you save ANY searches.

Some eye-opening statistics about using Sales Navigator for prospecting vs. a free account:

42% Larger Deals
17% Higher Win Rates
15% MORE Pipeline

Amptek Growth recommends Sales Navigator as an all around useful, time-saving prospecting tool.

You can save even more time by letting the experts optimize Sales Navigator for you.

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