Tips to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Daily multiple video conference calls are taking their toll on business people, causing all sorts of symptoms from forgetfulness and irritability through muscle tension and insomnia. It's called Zoom Fatigue and it is a real thing, contributing to over all burnout.

Stanford University has conducted a study and researchers have concluded that excessive amounts of close eye contact, seeing yourself constantly, reduced mobility and the higher cognitive load video produces are all major causes of the condition.

Here are 8 tips to help combat the effects of Zoom Fatigue:

  1. Turn off the self video view on your conferencing app/software. Seeing yourself in real time so much is un-natural and exhausts the brain.
  2. Schedule intervals of breaks between video calls. This allows some much needed digital downtime.
  3. If it's not necessary, turn off the video. This is especially useful in meetings where a screen-share is the main focus.
  4. Don't multitask! We all have those urges. However, as studies have shown time and time again, people that multi-task are less likely to remember what the meeting was about than those that are fully focused. Fight the urge and quickly write something down if it's something important.
  5. Change up the environment and leave some space to move around, that way things don't stagnate.
  6. Minimize the view of the video call as it can be taxing on the brain to stare at people in an abnormal setting on video for lengths of time.
  7. Don't let meetings go over, make it a hard out at the end time.
  8. Consider whether a meeting needs to happen on video. Try to get more accomplished with efficient written communication via email or team apps like Slack.

Take care, don't burnout!

The work force is now starting to experience the effects of the pro-longed regular use of virtual meetings. Work burnout has always been a "real thing" and Zoom Fatigue can speed up the process to burning out. Psychology Today talks about the importance of taking the time for self-care and it certainly is at an all-time high. Talking to  team-mates and trusted colleagues about feelings of exhaustion or struggling to cope can help. Set aside time in your schedule to experience hobbies and bonding with loved ones outside and away from the digital world!

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